the squeezo ( RUSTS!)

Jim fed the tomatoes into the hopper with the wooden plunger and cranked the handle. Tomato puree  poured down the drain tray and into the big yellow bowl;  the  seeds and skin dropped into the compost container. “Well, that’s it,” he said. “That’s the last of the 2019 tomatoes.” “You mean last year’s bocce balls,” I replied, remembering … Continue reading the squeezo ( RUSTS!)

spring (TIME!)

  April: The calendar says spring. But the Boston weatherman reports the true story: rain, sleet and even some, yes... snow across the higher elevations. I know how the calendar lies. I’ve learned a few things about spring weather during my thirty -eight years of gardening. Bean seeds that rotted in the drenched soil after … Continue reading spring (TIME!)