december ( ENDS…)


On this last afternoon of the year, I light my window candles early. I do not want darkness in my home tonight. As I walk from room to room, turning on each white bulb, I am flooded with memories of Christmastime. When I was young, as young as I can remember, my Aunt Kitty and I would move through the rooms of the big, white house at 45 New York Street. The orange window candles flooded the rooms with a soft glow. With the candles lit, I sat in the big chair by the window in the front room, waiting for my mother’s car to turn onto New York Street from Broadway. I could tell by the darkness outside that it was time for her to come home from work, to gather me up in her arms and walk me the short distance across the street to where we lived.

Outside my window, Christmas snow is on the ground.  The colors of the day are fast changing to the black and white and gray of this winter evening.  The windows are lit; the spotlight shines on the front door. Tonight, at midnight, the Spirit of the New Year will be able to see my house as he turns the corner onto my quiet street. He will be able to slip through the front mail slot, glide beneath the storm doors and wedge around the drafty windows.

Welcome, Spirit of the New Year. Please keep my family healthy, safe and wrapped in light. And embrace my friends and neighbors with the happiest of New Years!

5 thoughts on “december ( ENDS…)

  1. Dear Nancy,
    Yes, it seems as we get older the memories of childhood become ever more vivid and treasured. Thank you for your lovely words and wishes as this old year closes and a new one rises with the sun.
    Happy New Year to you and Jim.
    May 2018 be a year of blessings for all and a year of peace for this world.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Joanne and John


  2. Nancy…. a sweet last entry of your 2017 “mywritedrawer” blog. Blessings to you Jim , your family members and the wonderful neighbors on our quiet street.
    Neighbors are a blessing and when they are “special” neighbors how more blessed can we be. Happy New Year #26. Happy New Year to the many Prospectors!!


  3. I love to see your peaceful candles from my dining room every year ! Your blog is now in my favorites .. Well done, my friend..
    Happy New Year to you and Jim !! Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings us ..


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